Exciting news, everyone. Brandish Insights is now Brandata. We wanted you to be the first to know.

What's different? Not much. And a lot. It's complicated. Kind of.

Where We Started

When we started Brandish Insights in 2017, we set out to build the world's best brand analytics platform.

Being data-driven marketers that were also fascinated by the power of a strong brand to help companies grow, we imagined building a Google Analytics-like product. But instead of using metrics like sessions, conversions, and pageviews, we'd focus on brand metrics like awareness, preference, and consideration.

Our initial brand measurement studies and prototypical product dashboards were well-received by our first clients, but we couldn't build fast enough.

Every brand and category is different. And while some brand key performance indicators (KPIs) don't vary in importance all that much between categories, the handful of factors that separate the market leaders and every other brand in a vertical can be incredibly nuanced and specific to that space.

The more we tried to standardize our approach, the more value our clients found in customizing our solutions.

It led us to pick one survey back-end for this study because we could target B2C respondents more easily. We'd put the results for that study in Google BigQuery and then into Data Studio because the data visualizations really clarified the insights.

(Side note: Here's an example of one of our brand measurement dashboard in Google Data Studio)

Whatever we could do to help our clients that much more, we felt compelled to do it.

This is not how you build a SaaS product. This is how you build a high-touch, consulting services business that solves big problems for their clients.

And so that's what we're doing now instead.

Where We're Going

Since we're pivoting from SaaS to services, then what services do we provide?

Brandata's brand measurement and growth solutions turn fast-moving companies into market leaders.

With brand measurement programs, clients gain deep understanding into their brand's performance and customers.

With brand growth, we're helping clients leverage the insights we discover into marketing strategies and tactics that support customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth.

We're still measuring brands like we have been for years. But now we're also in a position to help them grow more, too.

We'd like to take this moment to thank our amazing clients for the last three years and look forward to the many exciting growth opportunities that we can help them uncover in this new capacity.