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Brand Measurement Solutions

Make data-driven branding decisions with confidence with brand measurement solutions from Brandata.

Brand Insights Create a Solid Brand Foundation

Make objective evidence-based decisions around brand identity, category design, ideal customer profile and total addressable market.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Audits
  • Consumer Insights

Brand Tracking Measure and Grow Your Brand With Data

Track your brand and competitors’ performance across important dimensions like recognition, distinctiveness, sentiment and preference.

  • Brand Tracking
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Feedback

Brand Equity Quantify The Business Value of Your Brand

Measure the relationship between brands and the business value they create by tying monetary values to brand investments and experiments.

  • Brand Equity Analysis
  • Marketing Mix Testing
  • Audience Creation

Brand Lift Make Statistically Significant Branding Decisions

Increase the velocity of brand growth by isolating and amplifying the impact that individual advertising & marketing efforts have on improving brand outcomes.

  • Media Brand Lift Testing
  • Creative Pre-testing
  • Brand Growth Experiments

Experts in Brand Measurement Tech

Well-versed in the most effective brand measurement techniques, Brandata is ready to leverage technologies that are the most effective at rapidly growing brand value.

How Does Brandata Help Grow Brands? No other consulting firm works harder to support data-driven brand growth than Brandata. We’ve helped these brands and can help your brand too.


Lime sought a measurement partner that could help produce brand and category insights quickly enough to keep up with the pace of the company’s meteoric growth.


Brandata went outside of the box where others have offered out-of-the-box. They built a brand insights program specific to our needs as a global leader in a nascent, ever-evolving industry.”

Tony Tony Paske, Director of Brand Ops, Lime

The United States of Care was exploring rapidly changing consumer opinions in an evolving new healthcare service category and needed reliable data to make concrete brand-related decisions.


I have been extremely pleased with the service and efficiency of Brandata. We will certainly be using them again in the future and I think our funders were equally impressed.”

Venice Haynes Dr. Venice Haynes, Director of Research and Community Engagement, United States of Care

Bite Squad needed to track its brand and understand how consumers perceived the restaurant delivery category in order to grow their market share on the way to acquisition.


The type of service Brandata provides is typically reserved for businesses who can afford to hire major consulting firms. They made the insights available for less and did a lot more with them to help us grow.”

Craig Key Craig Key, CMO, Bite Squad

The Forest Stewardship Council was looking for an economical way to measure brand impact over time and use the insights to change organizational strategies when necessary.


Brandata did an uncommonly good job of not only extracting mission-critical insights, but also acting as a true business partner, helped to define key strategic adjustments that made all the difference.”

Chris McLaren Chris McLaren, CMO, Forest Stewardship Council