Measure and Grow Your Brand

Measure and Grow Your Brand
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Brand Analytics

Brand Measurement

Gain deep understanding into your brand's performance and customers with brand measurement studies:
  • Brand Tracking/Lift Reports
  • Consumer Surveys/Insights
  • Competitive Intelligence

Brand Growth

Leverage powerful solutions for customer acquisition, retention, and brand growth:
  • AI-Powered Lookalike Audiences
  • Marketing Growth Strategies
  • Data-Driven Brand Campaigns
Brand Growth

How Does Brandata Help Brands Grow?

"Brandata went outside of the box where others have offered out-of-the-box. They built a brand insights program specific to our needs as a global leader in a nascent, ever-evolving industry."
Tony Paske
Director of Brand Ops, Lime
"Brandata did an uncommonly good job of not only extracting mission-critical insights, but also acting as a true business partner, helped to define key strategic adjustments that made all the difference."
Chris McLaren
CMO, Forest Stewardship Council
"The type of service Brandata provides is typically reserved for businesses who can afford to hire major consulting firms. They made the insights available for less and did a lot more with them to help us grow."
Craig Key
CMO, Bite Squad

How Does Brand Measurement Lead To Growth?

Brand insights programs produce the precious few consumer insights that can turn brands into market leaders.
Brand measurement is the process of tracking the health of your brand and consumer perceptions of it over time.
Consumers are asked questions about your brand and the results are analyzed to find opportunities for growth.
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